Animal Box Office Collection Day 13: Ranbir Kapoor’s Film Maintains Its Winning Streak

Animal, the movie directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga and featuring Ranbir Kapoor has been creating a buzz at the box office ever since it premiered on December 1 2023. The captivating narrative, acting and breathtaking visuals of the film have struck a chord with audiences, around the globe resulting in remarkable box office earnings.

As of today, December 14th, 2023, Animal has clawed its way to a net domestic total of Rs. 467 crore. This includes collections from all languages – Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. While the film saw a drop on weekdays compared to its weekend rampage, Wednesday, Day 13, witnessed a slight rebound with an estimated collection of Rs. 10 crore. This signifies the film’s resilience and strong hold on audiences despite facing competition from new releases.

Breakdown of Day 13 Collections:

LanguageNet Collection (Day 13)Total Net Collection
HindiRs. 8.25 croreRs. 389.5 crore
TeluguRs. 1.25 croreRs. 40.5 crore
TamilRs. 0.5 croreRs. 37 crore

Day 13 Box Office Roar:

  • Estimates: Early estimates suggest Animal raked in ₹10 crores on day 13, a slight dip from its Tuesday collection of ₹12.72 crores.
  • Total Earnings: This brings the film’s total domestic earnings to a staggering ₹467 crores across all languages, solidifying its position as a commercial success.
  • International Performance: Animal is also performing well in international markets, particularly in the Middle East and North America.
Animal Movie Box Office Collection, and Hit or Flop Analysis
Animal Movie Box Office Collection, and Hit or Flop Analysis

Analyzing Animal’s Box Office Journey

The journey of the movie “Animal”, at the box office has been quite a ride with its share of ups and downs. When it first hit the screens it received a response on its opening day earning a Rs. 54.75 crore. Making it the highest grossing Hindi film of 2023 on its first day. However as the weekdays arrived there was a decline in collections reaching Rs. 13.85 crore on Monday and Rs. 12.72 crore on Tuesday. This drop can be attributed to the weekend slump and competition from other movie releases.

Nevertheless there was a resurgence on Day 13 with earnings of Rs. 10 crore indicating that audiences still find the film appealing. Factors such as word of mouth Ranbir Kapoors captivating performance and Sandeep Reddy Vangas direction are considered contributors, to the ongoing success of the film.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Is Animal worth watching?

A: Whether or not Animal is worth watching depends on your personal preferences. However, if you enjoy films with strong performances, a compelling story, and stunning visuals, then Animal is definitely worth checking out.

Q: Where can I watch Animal?

A: Animal is currently playing in theaters worldwide. You can check your local listings for showtimes.

Q: Will Animal release on OTT platforms?

The film is expected to release on OTT platforms after its theatrical run. However, the exact date and platform are yet to be confirmed.

Q: How has Animal performed compared to other Ranbir Kapoor films?

A: Animal’s opening weekend collection was the highest of Ranbir Kapoor’s career, exceeding Shamshera and Sanju. However, its sustained performance remains to be seen.

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