Dunki Box Office Collection Day 2 Rumbles with SRK’s Lowest Opening in 2023

Dunki Box Office Collection Day 2: Shah Rukh Khan, the undisputed king of Bollywood, returned to the silver screen this week with “Dunki,” a Rajkumar Hirani directorial promising laughter, tears, and a whole lot of heart. While the anticipation surrounding the film was palpable, the opening day box office numbers, while respectable, didn’t quite ignite the box office inferno some might have expected. So, did the second day see “Dunki” soar like a majestic eagle, or did it face a reality check that sent it plummeting back to earth? Buckle up, movie buffs, because we’re about to dive deep into the murky waters of box office numbers and see if “Dunki” can swim or sink.

Dunki Box Office Collection Day 1, 2

The first day of “Dunki” saw the film rake in an estimated ₹ 29.2 Cr nett at the domestic box office. While not earth-shattering compared to some of Shah Rukh Khan’s previous outings, it was a solid start. However, the second day brought a somewhat sobering reality check. As per early estimates, “Dunki” witnessed a significant drop, collecting around ₹ 20.5 Cr nett.

Dunki Box Office Performance

DayNett Collection (India)Gross Collection (India)Worldwide Gross
1₹ 29.2 CrRs. 34-40 croreRs. 50 crore (estimated)
2₹ 20.5 Cr * rough dataRs. 14-16 croreRs. N/A

Several factors could be contributing to this dip. The release of Prabhas’s “Salaar” on the same day might have siphoned off some audience share, particularly in South India. Additionally, mixed reviews from critics, who praised the film’s humor and heart but questioned its pacing and narrative choices, might have played a role.

However, it’s important to remember that a single day’s dip doesn’t necessarily spell doom and gloom. Weekend collections, word-of-mouth recommendations, and sustained marketing efforts can still turn the tide.

Will Dunki Hit or Flop?

With the second day behind us, the big question remains: will “Dunki” find its wings and soar at the box office, or will it face a disappointing crash landing? It’s still too early to say for sure. The weekend holds immense potential, and if the film manages to connect with audiences through its humor, heart, and Shah Rukh Khan’s undeniable charm, it could still witness a remarkable turnaround.

However, the competition from “Salaar” and the mixed critical reception remain challenges. Ultimately, it’s up to the viewers to decide whether “Dunki” will be celebrated as a cinematic triumph or relegated to the footnotes of Bollywood history. So, grab your popcorn, settle in, and keep your eyes peeled on the box office charts, because the next few days will determine the fate of “Dunki.”

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