The Incident Of Callas The Unfaithful: How to Win the Trial Against Marcel

In the “Whe­n All Return to the Waters” Archon Que­st in Genshin Impact, players try to figure out why young wome­n keep vanishing. One ke­y part of the puzzle is Marcel’s trial. But, the­ trial is tricky because of the case­’s complexity and all the differe­nt people in it. Here­, you’ll get a handy guide of how to beat Marce­l’s trial and help the victims get justice­.

The Trial Begins

To initiate the trial against Marcel, players must first pick the “Information Regarding Marcel” file located in the Court of Fountaine section. Once selected, a cutscene will continue, and Neuvillette, the judge, will order the policemen to bring Marcel into the courtroom. This marks the start of the Refutation mini-game, where players need to identify logical inconsistencies in Neuvillette’s statements.

The Incident Of Callas The Unfaithful
The Incident Of Callas The Unfaithful

Refuting Neuvillette’s Statements

Neuvillette presents five major events in the incident, but players only need to refute three of them. Here are the statements and the corresponding evidence to refute them:

  1. The Banquet – No need to refute.
  2. Two Gunshots – Select the Testimony From Jacques’ Family evidence to refute. This changes the statement to Jacques’ Request.
  3. The Scene of the Crime – Select Callas’ Case Records as evidence to refute. This changes the statement to The Third Person.
  4. Reconstruction of Events – Choose the Primordial Seawater evidence to refute. This changes the statement to The Murderer’s Disappearance.
  5. Injustice and Silence – No need to refute.

By refuting these statements, players dismantle Neuvillette’s arguments and pave the way for further investigation into the case.

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Investigating Marcel’s Hideout

After Navia presents her theory, the perspective shifts to the Traveler, who must explore Marcel’s hideout. This dungeon is relatively straightforward, following the game’s directions. Players need to progress through the hideout until reaching the final room, where they must examine five items:

  1. Miscellaneous Objects
  2. Bottles
  3. Experiment Table
  4. The Pool
  5. Bookshelf

These items hold crucial clues to uncover Marcel’s true identity. Upon analyzing the gathered clues, players discover a diary containing the name Marcel near the entrance. Armed with this evidence, they return to the courtroom just in time for Navia to mention the name Vacher.

Presenting the Final Evidence

To conclude the trial, players must select Vigneire’s Notebook as their most reasonable evidence and point out that Marcel’s true name is Vacher. This piece of evidence solidifies Marcel’s guilt and brings justice to the victims of the serial disappearances.

Congratulations! You have successfully won the trial against Marcel and exposed the truth behind the missing women case.

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The trial against Marcel in Genshin Impact’s “When All Return to the Waters” Archon Quest is a crucial step in uncovering the truth behind the serial disappearances of young women. By refuting Neuvillette’s statements and gathering evidence from Marcel’s hideout, players can bring justice to the victims and expose the mastermind behind the crimes. Follow this guide to navigate the trial successfully and unravel the mysteries that lie within the world of Genshin Impact.

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